Coaching de vida

First of all, thanks for reading this far. Because having an up-front and frank discussion about yourself, your values and beliefs, is not easy.

20 years ago I moved away from everything I considered normal to live in Spain and then Colombia. While living as an ‘ex-pat’, traveller or digital nomad certainly has its advantages, there are also challenges.

When we talk about cultures, we talk about a set of shared values and beliefs. Although most people are unconscious of this, most of what we do is dictated by a set of internalized beliefs and values which define the way we see the world.

These have been passed on to us, mostly through our parents but also through culture in general. When we are surrounded by people who all share the same beliefs they no longer seem like ‘beliefs’ but more like ‘truth’.

That’s precisely what is fascinating about moving to live in another culture. When we encounter beliefs and values radically different from our own it forces us to re-evaluate and find common ground. This can either be enriching or traumatizing, and ultimately it’s your decision.

Either way, I congratulate you on pushing beyond your boundaries. As a traveller, you are moving away from certain things, towards others. Even if you don’t realise it, you are aware of the fact that everything you believe may be mistaken. And these beliefs may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

At the same time, we may feel forced to operate and behave in ways which conflict with our values. But ultimately, our values – in other words, the things we find most important – represent the guiding light to our ‘life project’.

I offer structured life coaching sessions aimed at discovering your inner potential. In my experience, it can often be easier opening up to a complete stranger than to your most intimate friends and family.

At no point will I offer you advice on your life. ‘Coaching’ is a misleading expression. No-one is a bigger expert on your life than you are. However, I may notice a discrepancy between your stated values and what you are actually doing, or I may ask powerful questions such as ‘how do you know that is true?’

I invite you to a no-obligation consultation. Please contact me through our contact form.