We take volunteers all year round.  We are an equal opportunities placement and welcome all races and LGBT. Children are more than welcome too. We have a 3-year-old daughter who enjoys the company of people who like to make silly faces!

Check out our Workaway.info listing to see our volunteer reviews.  

Type of help: We have been using natural building techniques since 2013, based around bamboo and rammed earth. We are looking at experimenting with Hyper Adobe, and always have projects on the go. As far as practical, we aim to become self-sufficient in food. To volunteer you don’t need any skills, just a smile and a positive attitude to learning. We encourage volunteers to work in their areas of expertise or something they are passionate about and ideas are very welcome.  Some examples of the work we have done in the past:

  • Planting, and maintaining the existing plants on the homestead
  •  Improving our children’s play area
  •  Building a new room onto our house, perhaps with Hyperadobe
  • Finishing off the walls of our 3rd floor yoga/common room for volunteers
  • Finishing a compost toilet at our family house

Volunteers cook and clean on a rota basis.  If you are not confident in cooking, you can buddy up with another volunteer.  Here we are mostly vegan though we sometimes buy fresh eggs from our neighbor.  Volunteers cannot bring meat or fish to the farm. 

Accommodation: Our main house is available exclusively for volunteers while we live in a second house nearby.  In the house there are 2 private rooms with double beds and a dorm with 8 beds (4 bunk beds).  We use compost toilets here, if you are not sure what it is, look it up and check out our photos in the Gallery.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities:  We are building a continuous community of volunteers in our main house, with the idea being to share skills and knowledge.  We have a board where volunteers and members of the community can offer courses and workshops which can either be free, donation based or fixed price but affordable.  Maybe you never thought of offering your skills, but here could be a good place to start. We also encourage volunteers and members of the community to offer their products.

For our part we can offer yoga, salsa, Spanish classes and life coaching, on a donation/affordable basis.  We can organize teachers to come and offer pottery, jewellery/crafts, drumming, soap making etc.

It’s good to find a community of like-minded individuals, sit back and reflect.  It might help you realize why you are travelling in the first place, what you are moving away from and what you want to move towards.

Cost: We ask for US $5 (COP $15,000) per day per person to contribute towards 3 meals, gas which is brought by motorcycle, electricity, water and internet.  We buy a good quantity of food and high quality products such as pure sunflower oil, nuts and seeds which are expensive in Colombia.

Application: To apply to volunteer with us or if you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form.